Thursday, 16 October 2014

Thai Fine Dining in KL - Rama V

Dear friends,
Things have kept me occupied but I find that I've been using that excuse way too often lately and promises made to self to keep the blogging going just not kept.
So, rather than waiting to cook up a new yummy dish which I rarely do nowadays, I decided to blog on the random things in life...and this time I'll write about my fav Thai fine dining restaurant in the heart of Kuala Lumpur...a romantic yet reasonably priced place (compared to all the other Italian/ French fine dining around). A favourite of mine due to the ambience, accessibility and of course the delicious food which has never let me down.

So, here goes.... Rama V Thai Fine Dining

We had a full course meal..from starters to dessert and I would say we thoroughly enjoyed it.

What we chose : Starters: Crispy Fried Scallops served with sweet n spicy chili sauce
                            Salad   : Banana Blossom salad with minced chicken...yummms...our favourite of
                                          the day
                             Main : Fragrant rice with Green Curry Chicken and Stir Fried Okra in Belacan
                                         (couldn't resist the Green Curry whenever I go for Thai food)
                            Dessert : Mango sticky rice (for the husband) and Chendol for me...yumms
                            Drinks : Pomegranate Lychee Mojito for me and watermelon juice for the husband

Overall a delicious meal in a romantic setting. We got a seat overlooking the garden and it was indeed pleasant. There was a party going on at one of the private dining rooms but it was blocked by glass doors so no disturbance at all.
I'm looking forward to dine at one of those private rooms one of the days... ;)
The price we paid was worth the meal and will not hesitate to visit again..maybe next year ya.

More pics :

And special thanks to the husband for the pretty dress and awesome early treat for my 32nd birthday.