Tuesday 24 April 2012

2 new awards....

I am so delighted to open my space this morning and reading a comment from Divya from Divya's Culinary Journey that awards are waiting for me....it definitely made a good start of my day...so, thanks a lot Divya for thinking of me. I dare say I've made many new friends through blogging which I never thought of when I first started last year....though it hasn't even been a year, I would say that I've come a long way from zero about blogs to 65 followers today....Thank you all for dropping by my space and do feel free to leave your comments..it really helps ;)

And these are the wonderful awards :
Now comes my turn to pass on this awards...the chosen ones are ;)
1. Kit from i-lostinausten
2. Surabhi from My Cook Book
3. Anuja from Simple Baking
5. Reena from Achu Amma's Kitchen
6. Pari from Foodelicious
7. Sonia from Nasi Lemak Lover
8. Jay from Tasty Appetite
9. Poonam from Spicy Aroma
Rules for both the awards :

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this Award and link them back
2. Then say some 5 random facts about you.
3. Spread the joy by nominating 10- 15 fellow bloggers , it is a way of appreciation.
4. Finally convey the bloggers about the nomination.
5 Random facts about me
  1. I love anything chocolate.
  2. I trying my hand at gardening....hmmm...so far so good... 
  3. I love watching Grey's Anatomy ;)
  4. Dreams of opening my very own cafe...
  5. I love my car..which is orange ;)


  1. Congrats resh! I would love to visit your cafe someday :D. And whts this abt an "orange" car eh?

  2. Congrats dear for receiving such beautiful awards..wish you many more to come :)

  3. Hello resh.....Congrates on your award...Do visit m blog in your free time


  4. Simple Baking : haha...yup, my car is orange in colour...with black leather seats..;)

  5. Congrats Resh :) Orange car huh? Thats pretty funky ;) Kool!

  6. Congrats dear on your awards and thanks a lot for sharing those with me :)

  7. Good to know some facts about you.. :)
    Even I love chocolates..

  8. Congrats on your awards..Wish you many more!
    Hope u'll drop back at my space & join my space too,Resh!

    Join me in the ONGOING EVENT- "Mint & Coriander seeds" (EP Series-Apr)

  9. congrats Resh..
    great to know more abt..
    so lovely of you to share with me..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  10. Wow! I just saw this post! Gosh! Thanks again dear Resh for these awards!! I'm really speechless & soo overwhelmed! Thanks again dear friend for thinking of me again! Sending You some cyber hugs dear! Have a lovely day! :)

  11. Oh dear!! where are all my manners?!! Too excited & totally forgotten to congratulate you for these awesome awards that you truly deserves dear! Congratulation Resh! No hard feelings ya! HUGS! :)

  12. haha Kit...no worries....u totally deserved those awards too...hugs ;)