Saturday 24 November 2012

Sorry for the absence

Dear bloggers...It's been months since I last posted something on my site..well, the good news is that I'm having a baby!!! and during the first trimester..I could hardly bring myself to the kitchen and on those rare occasion that I cooked, it was always a simple meal for dinner...
And now on my 20th week..I'm back on track and started stocking my fridge and pantry...phew..wat a relief to feel like oneself again....
Well, hopefully I'll start posting some of my clicks here soon so do come back and to those who have any special advice on how I can get through this pregnancy in good health, do drop your comments..I will truly appreciate it ;)


  1. Congrats on your pregnancy.
    Take care dear:)

  2. Welcome back and congrats! I'm sure you are excited. Since I'm a Chinese, we drink lots of nutritious soup to prepare the body for childbirth and also good for baby. For a start, take lots of ABC Soup made with anchovies broth. Take care.

  3. Wow!!Congratulations!!Nice to hear from you...Take care!

  4. Hi Resh, Congrats !!! Its a great time for you, my advise would be to have lots of Coconut and Avocado. Vitamin E is really great for baby and yourself. Its tried and tested :)

    Take Care and God Bless !

  5. Congratulations Resh! So happy for you dear...
    My whatever you like and enjoy the pregnancy...hehe. Include more nutritious meal too ;)

  6. congrats resh and happy to follow you. first time on your space , you are having a lovely space dear . take care...........

  7. Congrats Resh.. Drink plenty of water. Eat protein rich foods (eggs/nuts). Also lot of walking... makes you feel good physically and mentally..
    Enjoy your 2nd trimester really well.. plan for a babymoon trip.

    1. haha..thnx...hmm...babymoon trip...sounds good..maybe tats what i need ;)

  8. Congratulations Resh, you are on a great journey...Wishing you luck & good health. Take care

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