Tuesday 5 March 2013

Awaiting Our Bundle Of Joy

Here I am...writing from my hosp bed...I have been recenly diagnosed with Oligohydraminos (low amniotic fluid level around baby) and my specialist has advised admission for 3 days to monitor me at the hosp yet there was no improvements noted...so, I will be here till term (37 weeks)..which is in 2 weeks time..and they plan to induce me...so far baby's doing good which is a huge relief...but sitting in the hospital when u're actually not 'sick' is not cool at all....

Luckily we as hosp staff are eligible for first class ward and as my husband is a higher grade officer,so  I get to stay in a room by myself with attached washroom...food is so much better than the normal wards..and he gets to stay longer than visiting hours (wat a relief)..I've somehow managed one week...and 2 more to go...praying for a normal delivery and a healthy baby ;)

Dear mothers, do advice me on care after delivery and any advice u think I may need as I am unsure on what to expect with a newborn.....luckily I have bought most of baby's things these past 2 months so dun have to trouble Mr. husband to shop by himself...(though Ive been giving him lists of errands to run as I cant get out of here)....well...till my next post...tc all ;)


  1. Al the best Resh. Do not worry at all.You will have a normal delivery and a healthy baby.I too had been advised complete bed rest for 7 months as my placenta was very low.I had a normal delivery and healthy baby boy.
    Just enjoy right now.And do breast feed your baby for at least 6 months.you will find that it the easiest way to take care of your baby.No need to worry about clean bottles.also eat a lot of healthy food.Do not worry about putting on weight.You can lose it later.All the best.God Bless.

  2. Congratulations Resh and all the best! Things are gonna be really smooth... Do not worry! Enjoy your time now and after. Breastfeed your baby for atleast 6 months. breastfeeding is really supply and demand.. So you have to eat healthier and more importantly, often. Always keep yourself hydrated. But for some reason if you are not able to exclusively BF, don't stress. Formula fed babies are just fine..
    After delivery, the hormones may make you feel little depressed.. but it is just the hormones.. You will be fine seeing the little one... Treasure the precious moments.. Do not forgot to have your husband to click the pics of the baby on each stage.. First pic with you, family pic, going home from hospital, first bath, etc... You will really enjoy seeing those pics later. My lil one is not 8 months and now we enjoy seeing his pics very much.. Keep us posted. Take care!!

    1. thnk u....im anxious and nervous being in the hosp and thinking of how labour gonna be...
      i plan to breastfeed till i go to work..then feed the pumped milk...hopefully enough supply to do so...yup...must remind him to bring camera here...and ill post sum pics too ;)

  3. Congrats, Don't worry it is going to be normal delivery. Breast feed the baby if possible. with new born you will be missing sleep. So sleep when baby is sleeping.

  4. Congrats...Don't worry ,we are with u in the same position..