Thursday 19 June 2014

Father's Day Thai Fiesta

It's been ages since my last post...with the change of job, the temporary move back to my hometown after nearly 12 years...orient myself geographically and dealing with the little one's needs has been the main agenda this past few months. Now that we have sort of got the hang of it all, and things are starting to roll much smoothly, I've started a part time baking business with my sister and we call it Cake O'licious.
You can check out the FB Page ;).

We have slowly picked up the pace and I'm happy to say that it's running pretty smoothly too.... ;). This gives me the pleasure to bake and try out all kinda new stuff that I've been saving at the back of my mind all this years and definitely solves the issue of who will be eating all those sinful baked goodies....and gives me more reason to do therapeutic baking...yes you heard me right, baking is therapeutic to me...haha....

Now, enough of my musings....

The past weekend being Father's Day, I managed to cook up a feast for the dearest husband....and it was Thai food..being a fan of Thai food, I wanted to try out things from the scratch....I would say a simple version of it but it did take me a couple of hours to get it all on the table...and as usual the husband loved it all...and me too ;) here goes.....

Mixed Vegetables in Red Curry

Thai Fragrant Prawns

Thai Style Steamed Fish

Delicious and Refreshing Fruit Soup

And my, we both enjoyed the food including the little one but she could only try out the steam fish...

Here are the links to the recipes and do give it a try ;)

Fragrant Thai Prawns

Thai Style Steamed Fish

Vegetables in Red Curry

Will post the fruit soup recipe in a different post soon...happy cooking ;)

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