Wednesday 17 December 2014

Anniversary Dinner at Tamarind Hill Kuala Lumpur

It was our 4 years Anniversary on the 12/12 and I decided to make a reservation at this restaurant in KL which I've been waiting to try out for quite some time. The reviews on this place has always been good and consistent. So when I called up the place and was told that they might close up the restaurant for a big party booking, I was truly disappointed ;(. I was told that my reservation will be put on hold till they get a confirmation from the other party,,,hmmm.

Well, when they called back on the 9/12 and told me that my reservation has been confirmed, I was over the moon...haha. I even requested for a corner table in the outdoor setting as it was our anniversary.

On the day itself, I surprised the husband with a cake I made specially for the occasion. Here's a couple of pics of the cake :

It was a Buttermilk Cake with Whipped Cream Cream Cheese Frosting and Fresh Berries.
I was hunting for some edible flowers bt there was no stock in all the usual places so had to put up with just the berries. I was a little sad that my whole idea of the cake did not materialize due to the flowers but the cake itself was truly enjoyed by all and had the perfect crumb and texture. happy ;).

Now, back to the dinner....It ended up being a rainy evening (been raining on and off here in Malaysia) and the rain stopped just before we reached the restaurant. Thank God for that as the restaurant itself is atop a little hill and the pathway of stairs are lit with beautiful lanterns and we still managed to enjoy our walk up.

We were then greeted by a friendly waiter and quickly led us to our reserved table...yes, at a corner. The lighting and ambience gave out the romantic feel. We started off with a cocktail for me and a whiskey for the husband. Upon the waiter's recommendation I chose the Apple Cinnamon cocktail and my, it was truly a great start. I loved it so much!

Apple Cinnamon Cocktail

Next came our platter of starters and every bit was flavourful with different textures, me and the husband gave it two thumbs up.

Now to our main course, we had Jasmine fragrant rice with my all time fav Green Curry Chicken, Steamed Ginger Fish and broccoli in oyster sauce.

Main course

The fish came deboned and so flavourful. The green curry wasn't the best (guess I've tried too many to say so) and the vege was just nice. Overall a lovely meal that we were so full at the end of it.

But there has to be dessert, right. It's a celebratory dinner after all. This time we decided to go for liquid dessert..yes, dessert in the form of cocktails ;). I chose the Black Forest and the husband went with the Chocolate Volcano.

Black Forest

Chocolate Volcano was boozy treat indeed ;). Mine had a strong Baileys taste and the husband's was more of a chocolatey one.

And so our lovely romantic dinner came to an end with both of us feeling refreshed and me a little giddy from the cocktail ;)

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