Thursday 15 March 2012

Cheese Chapatti

Hi all...feeling a little adventurous today, I added cheddar cheese to my chapatti and wow....nice flavour...a deviation from the basic chapatti;)

Can u see the yellowish strips in the chapatti?..That's the shredded cheddar cheese....

I used 2 cups atta flour and water....make it into a non-sticky dough. Leave for about an hour...then make into balls, roll it a little, place cheddar cheese in the middle..make it into a ball, roll it again and cook on a hot tawa...Cheese Chapatti ready to serve...;)

Linked this to my ongoing event : Say Cheese


  1. Nothing can be easier and better than them when u have cheese!! :))

    Round Up 1 : Cakes, Cookies and Desserts

  2. I love anything and everything with cheese.. :D

  3. Nice idea of stuffing cheese and make parthas..children will surely love this :)


  4. he he .. gud one. I often do this with potato cheese paranthas..