Monday 19 March 2012

Join Us to Bake Along

Dear friends, I have sent emails to all those who are participating in this challenge regarding this month;s to those who did not receive any email, that means I do not have ur email, do send it to me via  or just leave it in the comment those who want to join in, there's still time, do give me ur email add..... the linky tool for this challenge will be open by end of the week...Happy Baking dear frens ;)

Hi all...the Bake Along Challenge is still, do join us...current members :
Myself, Surabhi Nayak, Priyanka, Divya, Anjali, Deeps, Bee, Anisha.....Welcome to the group...
To those who hasnt given me your email leave it as a comment for this post or email me at recipes will only be shared through email....

For all those who are interested, do leave a comment...the first bake will start next month...for more check my original post at Bake Along Challenge

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