Monday 14 May 2012

Green Curry Prawns

I love Thai food....and thai of my favourites...especially Thai Green curry....usually it's Thai Chicken Curry....but this time, in an attempt to try something new...I made it with prawns...yummilicious I would say ;)

Ingredients :
10 big size prawns...cleaned and deveined...leaving only the tail on
4 tbsp green curry paste (this must be according to the paste you use- I used store bought paste by Thai Heritage and it is not very spicy)..if u are using a spicy paste, do reduce the amount to 2-3 tbsp
150-200 ml coconut milk (this depends on the thickness of the milk that you use)
1 brinjal (sliced)
4-5 long beans (sliced about 2inch lengths)
100 gms of baby spinach leaves (cleaned)
rind of 1 lime
juice of 1 lime
1 1/2 tsp fish sauce
salt to taste

Heat oil in a pan and fry brinjal and long beans till half cooked....Add in the curry paste fry for a few minutes...pour coconut milk, little by little and stirring always, to get the right colour...u can always adjust the amount of the paste and milk...bring it to a boil...Add in the prawns and spinach....let it simmer for about 5-8 mins...Add in fish sauce and salt to taste.Add also the lime rind and juice..mix well..turn off heat. Serve hot with rice ;)


  1. Super inviting and tasty prawns !!

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  2. Very tempting & yummilicious! Love to have some now! YUM! :)

  3. Sooo creamy and delicious.

  4. Mmm..i can almost taste the creaminess and the spiciness of the curry...lovely.

  5. I love Thai curries and this one looks exactly like the on my hubby orders in our fav Thai restaurant!

  6. Super tempting curry!! Can't wait to try :)