Friday 11 May 2012

Eggless Durian Ice Cream

Durian, known as the King of Fruits.....there are those who just love em....that includes me...and some who tries to stay as far away as possible.....and for all those durian lovers out there...this is one amazing ice cream that brings out all the durian flavour, it's eggless and so easy to do...

Ingredients :
300 gm durian flesh
50 gm granulated sugar
125gm Greek style yogurt
200gm thickened cream

1. Puree durian flesh and sugar.
2. Pour into a bowl and add in and mix the yogurt.
3. Whip cream in another bowl and fold into the durian mixture.
4. Start your ice cream maker and pour in your durian mixture and let it to process...mine took about 20 minutes..Later pour it into an airtight container and freeze....
5. take it out of the freezer about 20 mins before serving :)

This is a wonderful, creamy ice delicious and im so proud as it's my first attempt at ice cream ;)

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  1. This recipe is so good... I have never tried to prepare Ice cream before this... but it seems easy... shall definitely try this... :)

  2. Oh wow! What an ice cream...great flavour and presentation Resh :)

  3. I always see Durian when I go to Chinatown but not sure if I will like it or how to remove the flesh (and I've heard it stinks) so I've not tried it to date but I may just buy some to try this ice-cream the next time!

  4.'s kinda difficlut to remove the flesh as it's got thorns and you have to be very careful..usually my husband does it....if u can get those opened and selaed in the supermarket, u can use it too...;)

  5. first time im seeing this fruit... interesting! the ice cream looks great

  6. First time here.. Thanks for sharing this unique recipe. I never tasted durian flesh. Bookmarking it! Following u.


  7. I have never had this fruit.. that flesh seems very tasty. Nice recipe. THnx for linking it up.